Our Story

Our family business started off when Roy bought his first piece of land at the age of 16. Along with his Dad they set to work planting fruit and vegetables which Roy originally sold to family and friends before opening a small shop to sell to local customers every Sunday in the Coastal suburb of Cove Bay. 

Over the years Jamieson's Farm shop as grown and is now very much a family business with the help of Rachel, and their two young children Chloe and Charlie getting involved in the day to day running of the 30 acre farm. 

In 2014 Roy built his own fishing boat, which he fished out of Cove Harbour allowing a new range of products to be added to the shop. He has now moved on to a bigger boat at Aberdeen Harbour catching crab, lobster and whelks which are available to buy in the shop at the weekend. 

The newest venture of the farm has been moving from just homegrown vegetables to include livestock. After the success of our Kune Kune pork , we got our first sow and boar so we are able to sell our own homebred pork.