Our Pigs

Ken is our boar, he is the dad to all the piglets who are born on our farm. He's 2 years old and we have had him since he was around 12 weeks old. He is a Saddleback x Tamworth and is very friendly, if you scratch his head he will sit down and loves nothing more than a good tummy scratch. 

Mummy Pig was the first of the pigs to arrive with us, she is coming up for 3 years old and is also a Saddleback x Tamworth. Her big ears means that she doesn't always see very well but she is also very friendly, and the best behaved of our three breeding pigs! She has had 3 litters of piglets and every time she has been very relaxed and a fantastic mum! She was in pig when she arrived with us to a different boar and her first litter of piglets were the first to ever be born on our farm. We kept one of her girls from that litter, Lucky. 

Lucky, was born on our farm as part of Mummy Pigs first litter, she was one of our favourites so we kept her to become part of our breeding stock.  Despite being born here and being used to being handled and around us her whole life, she is the cheekiest of our pigs and is partial to trying to nibble on our legs. She is fiercely protective of her piglets and also a fantastic mum. She is abit of a nightmare when it comes to escaping though, she doesn't care about electric fencing at all and will happily barge through it or just leap over it (usually catching her back feet on it and taking it all down with her) so she has to be fenced in with stock fencing or with electric netting that is too high for her to even attempt to jump. 

Our Hens

Our newest additions to the farm are our chickens. Our chickens are free range during the day and then locked in their coop over night to ensure that the are kept safe from any predators. you can usually find them dust bathing in front of their coop or rooting around the ground for any goodies they can find. Did you know, that the coop is actually our old shop that we converted for them. 

Our Ponies

Rollo is the youngest of our three ponies and is only 3. He is a miniature shetland pony and loves attention. He's very sweet but despite growing an extremely long and fluffy winter coat, he is the one you will most likely find hiding in the shelter out of the wind and rain. 

Rocky is also a miniature shetland pony who is about to turn 4. Rocky is Charlies pony, and has started to be ridden at the end of last summer and will be started again this summer before Charlie out grows him. 

Roo is Chloes pony. He is the largest of the 3 at about 11.2hh and you will often see Chloe riding him on a Sunday afternoon. He has the sweetest temperament and very much likes people. Roo is 11 years old and a Shetland cross (although we dont know what he is crossed with!)