Pork Cuts Explained

Cut Type


Ways to Cooks

Rolled Pork Shoulder Joints

Approx 1kg 

Multi-purpose slow cooking joint. Great for pulled pork, slow roast or braising. No attention required - once in the oven, leave on a low heat for hours. Also good for BBQ options


Pork Leg on the Bone

Approx 1kg

The traditional roasting joint with the best crackling. We leave our pork leg roasting joints on the bone for extra flavour and we ensure that there is a good cover of fat for crackling.


Pork Chops

(Pack of 2)

Pork chops are great for a quick meal. Full of flavour and have a good layer of fat which can be crisped up for crackling.

Grill or Fry 

Pork Steaks

(Pack of 2)

Pork steaks are boneless loin chops that are full of flavour and taste great grilled or on the BBQ. 

Grill, Fry or BBQ

Diced Pork

A perfect freezer staple ideal for casseroles or in a curry. Our diced pork is taken from the shoulder and leg joints giving it has hearty flavour and robust, open texture.

Slow Cook 

Pork Mince

Pork Mince makes a great alternative to beef mince and many recipes work well with both. Or it works great for meatballs or as a base for stuffing. 

Slow Cook or use as an alternative to your usual beef mince recipes.

Pork Sausages

Who doesn't love sausages! Made from lean pork shoulder our sausages are juicy and full of flavour. 

Grill, Oven, Fry or BBQ

Apple and Pork Burgers

A great combination of delicious pork with sweet apple.


Grill, Fry, Oven or BBQ